Updated 16 March 2007

Mitac Mio 168 DigiWalker and clone ROMs

On my Yakumo Delta 300 GPS, the ROM version is briefly displayed at soft reset. If I tap Start, Settings, System, Utility I can see the ROM version and Profile strings.

ProfileROM Versionrelease versionBuild versionPAK versionDateUpgrade ToolNote
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168CHTHKR16 HKR16P02 131002003/12/08Upgrade Tool V1.1WinCeImg.zip, Mio168_chinese_first_edition.zip
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168WWER18 R18 131002003/12/18Upgrade Tool V1.1Mio168_168WWER18.rar, Mio168_Image_WWE_R18.bin, The original english image
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168FRAR22D R22DP02EUP 1405324/03/2004Upgrade Tool V1.1WinCEIMG.zip
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168FRAR22 R22P02 1405322/04/2004Upgrade Tool V1.1Mio168_FR_W2003FE_withoutMiomap.zip
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168WWER22 R22P02 140532004/04/15Upgrade Tool V1.1Mio168_Image_WWE_R22P02.bin, mio168.zip, mio168.rar, Mio 168 Rom.rar, Mio 168 Rom English 168WWER22.rar
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168WWER22 R22P03 140532004/07/06Upgrade Tool V1.1Mio168_image_wwe_R22p03.bin, Mio_336_english_rom.bin !
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168WWER22D R22DP06EUP 140532004/06/10Upgrade Tool V1.1168WWER22D.rar
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168ITAR22 R22P02 1405321/04/2004Upgrade Tool V1.1mio168itaromv1[1].1.rar
168WWESR22 R22P02 Spanish 2003 ?
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168RSCHTR24 R24P01 141322004/08/03Mio168RS UT R0.4 Mio168RSCHTR24_WinCEIMG.zip, WinCEIMG.168RSCHT.zip
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168RSCHTR25 R25 141322004/11/24Mio168RS UT R0.5 Mio168RSCHTR25_WinCEIMG.zip
Mitac, Mio DigiWalker 168WWER27 R27P01 142352005/01/11Mio168RS UT R0.5 OS_LOADER_dump_MIO168RS.zip, MIO-168RS
Infinity, PDA AIRIS 509 168ESNINFR22 INFR22P02 1405309/04/2004Upgrade Tool V1.1Airis_509_168ESNINFR22.rar, Airis N509
168FRAINFR23 Airis N509
YAKUMO, PDA Delta 300 GPSVB300GPSGERR22 R22P02 1405312.04.2004Upgrade Tool V1.1yakumo300GPS_VB300GPSGERR22.rar
YAKUMO, PDA Delta 300 GPSVB300WWEGPSR22 R22P02 140532004/04/16Upgrade Tool V1.1Yakumo_Delta_300_GPS_ROM_VB300WWEGPSR22P02.zip
YAKUMO, PDA Delta 300 GPSVB300GPSITAR24 R24P02 1423517/06/2005Mio168RS UT R0.5 Yakumo_2003SE_Italiano.zip, winceimage.rar, Rom-Win2003SE gps1.2-Mio168.zip
YAKUMO, PDA Delta 300 GPSVB300WWEGPSR26 R26P01 142352005-03-08 Yakumo Delta 300 GPS 2L
YAKUMO, PDA Delta 300 GPSVB300GPSGERR28 R28P01 1423528.03.2005Mio168RS UT R0.5 Firmware_Yakumo.rar, Yakumo Delta 300 GPS 2L
MEDION, MDPPC150 MDFRAR02F R02FP02 1405308/10/2004Upgrade Tool V1.1Medion_ppc150_MDFRAR02F.rar
MEDION, MDPPC150 MDGERR02E R02EP03 140532005/02/15Upgrade Tool V1.1Medion_Rom_GER_V1[1].1.rar
MEDION, MDPPC150 MDITAR02E R02EP03 1405328/02/2005Upgrade Tool V1.1MEDION_MDPPC150_ITA.RAR
MEDION, MDPPC150 MDWWER02F R02FP05 140532005-02-22Upgrade Tool V1.1PPC150_German_to_English_Fix.zip, Medion_PPC_150_English_Rom.rar
LION - bluemedia MEDZ3ASGERBMR21BMR21P01 E021405324.06.2004Upgrade Tool V2.1BlueMedia_Rom_GER_V2[1].1.rar
LION - bluemedia MEDZ3ASGERBMR22BMR22 L01140532004/10/11Upgrade Tool V1.1MEDZ3ASGERBMR22.zip
Anubis - Typhoon MEDZ3ASITATYR21TYR21P01 E011405317/06/2004Upgrade Tool V2.1typhoonita.rar, Typhoon MyGuide 3500 ?
Anubis - Typhoon MEDZ3ASGERTYR21TYR21P01 1405308.06.2004Upgrade Tool V2.1typhoon_3500_mobile_ger_rom.zip
Anubis - Typhoon MEDZ3ASGERTYR21TYR21P02 E011405331.08.2004Upgrade Tool V1.1MyGuide3500 Rom De.zip
Anubis - Typhoon Z3ASUPWWETYR23 TYR23P01 142352005-04-04Mio168RS UT R0.5 Typhoon_3500_Z3ASUPWWETYR23.rar
Anubis - Typhoon Z3ASUPGERTYR27 TYR27P02 1423502.06.2005Mio168RS UT R0.5 Firmware_Typhoon.rar
Anubis - Typhoon MEDZ3AFRATYR29 TYR29P02 L021413212/11/2004Z3AA UT R0.2 Navigator 6500XL_FR.zip, Typhoon 6500
Anubis - Typhoon MEDZ3AFRATYR30 TYR30P04 L021423530/05/2005Z3AA UT R0.2 Typhoon_6500_XL_FR_TYR30P04.zip
Anubis - Typhoon MEDZ3AGERTYR30 TYR30P01 L021423512.01.2005Z3AA UT R0.2 Typhoon_6500XL_MEDZ3AGERTYR30.rar

ROM version
168 = Mitac Mio 168, VB300GPS = Yakumo Delta 300 GPS, MD = Medion, TY = Typhoon, BM = BlueMedia.
WWE = World Wide English, FRA = France, ITA = Italy, GER = Germany, ESN = Espaņa (Spain)?, WWES = World Wide Espaņol (Spanish)? CHT = Chinese Traditional ?
D = MioMap

PAK version
Actually = Windows CE Build version. 13100 and 14053 = Windows Mobile 2003. 14132 and 14235 = Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

How to analyse a ROM image
Open the image in a suitable file viewer. I use Total Commander, View.
Search for "release version" and you will find close to it also PAK version, date, weekday and time and sometimes Build version.
Take the release version string excluding any trailing "P..." and search for it and you will find the end of the ROM version string.
Search for "WinCE Image" and you will find close to it one of the Upgrade Tool version texts.
Now view the image as unicode text and search for the unicode string "SSDK". Close after it you will find the Profile string.


Although looking almost identical on the outside, there are two different displays inside. Either NEC or Sharp LCD. On the outside there is a small difference.
If the reset is near the headphone, then you have NEC LCD which is compatible with 'Upgrade Tool V1.1' and 'Mio168RS UT R0.5'.
If the reset is near the middle of the PDA, (main board is marked MIO168_MAIN_BD_SHARP), then you have Sharp LCD which is compatible only with 'Upgrade Tool V2.1'.

Mixing up between these two gives you a blank white screen.

Backup ROM

Fully charge the PDA battery and keep it connected to external power.
Make a backup of your current ROM using osloader-1.5.6.exe. ROM image made with XDATOOLS or OSImage does NOT work.
Use menu Tools, Flash, 32MB Save to files..
It saves 4MB chunks named flash_00000000.bin etc. in the root directory.
Move the chunks to PC with ActiveSync as needed for space.
Open a command prompt on the PC.
Enter this command on a single line:
copy /b flash_00000000.bin + flash_00400000.bin + flash_00800000.bin + flash_00c00000.bin + flash_01000000.bin + flash_01400000.bin + flash_01800000.bin + flash_01c00000.bin WinCeImg.bin
WinCeImg.bin should now be exactly 33554432 bytes = 32768 KB = 32 MB.
Zip WinCeImg.bin with a descriptive name and make it available for download.
Include both ROM version and the end of the release version "P..." in the filename to uniquely identify the ROM image.

Restore/Upgrade ROM by SD/MMC

Fully charge the PDA battery and keep it connected to external power.
Backup any data or programs that you want to save.
Use StorageTools for Pocket PC to format card with FAT16 (or FAT32?) file system.
Copy WinCeImg.bin to card. ROM image made with XDATOOLS or OSImage does NOT work.
Turn the hard reset switch on the back to OFF.
Press the joystick down or tilt left while turning the hard reset switch on the back to ON.
A menu like this should appear:
|     Upgrade Tool V2.1     |
|                           |
| 0=WinCE Image(USB)        |
| 1=WinCE Image(SD/MMC)     |
| 2=UBoot Image(USB)        |
| 3=UBoot Image(SD/MMC)     |
| 4=BIN   Image(USB)        |
| 5=Flash Type              |
| 6=Reboot                  |
| Choice: 0                 |
|                           |
Select WinCE Image(SD/MMC).
If you have white screen, tilt joystick down once and then press it.
Wait about 5 minutes for the upgrade to finish and display:
"WinCE SD/MMC Upgrade Flashing finished.
RomUpgrade OK. Restart Your Device".
Turn the hard reset switch on the back to OFF.
Turn the hard reset switch on the back to ON.

Restore/Upgrade ROM by USB

Can be used if ActiveSync works and you can browse the PDA file system from PC.

Find and run RomUpdate_RD_R01.

Turn the hard reset switch on the back to OFF.
Press the joystick down or left and turn the hard reset switch on the back to ON.
The Upgrade Tool menu should appear.

As the "USB" item is on the first line of the menu, you can blindly press the joystick in center to choose it.

After 20 minutes, the upgrade should be finished and you can reset the pda.

Why are there not pictures of all steps?

I have not dared to try any ROM update yet! There are plenty of disaster stories, even when seemingly all is done correctly. Read all post in this MTekk mitac mio 168 english rom image needed thread where I have collected most of this information.

Flashing Boot Loader

"if you rename the full flash to WinCEIMG.bin and copy into a FAT formatted SD-Card, then you can flash the firmware from SD-Card, and if you rename it to UBoot.bin (the same full flash file), than you can flash the boot loader from SD Card (from the boot menu)" Also untested!